Why do we love cake?

In addition to rings, the wedding dress, the speech and the bridal bouquet, a “real” wedding naturally includes a wedding cake. Opulently multi-storey, with fresh flowers or quite simply – and the cutting is always celebrated … but why? We worked with the cake historian (yes, this job really exists) Dr. Spoke to Alysa Levene […]

Getting married despite Corona

A Minimoy makes it possible Cancellation, postponement or wait and see? Many couples are unsure whether they should stick to their planned celebration. Isabel Merfort and her team have developed a solution so that saying yes can be a wonderful experience, even at short notice and on a small scale. In our Q&A she answered […]


Interview with Paulina from WeddyPlace In normal times, 400,000 bridal couples say yes each year. Everything has changed since the pandemic began. Weddings only take place on a small scale or not at all. So that cakes can finally be cut, bouquets thrown and veils lifted, a plan is needed. The #WirNauchenPlan initiative developed one […]

Help! Stains on the wedding dress

Interview with Octavia from the Bridal Taxi A wedding dress usually does not survive the day without getting stains. In an interview with Octavia from the Bridal Taxi Berlin, you can find out how to clean them quickly on site and how the wedding dress is best stored afterwards. When should the wedding dress be […]

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