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"Tilda Knopf Bridal represents elegance, craftsmanship and the beauty of the golden twenties."


Designer Virginie Henzen founded her bridal fashion label TILDA KNOPF Bridal in Berlin in 2017. The city, which shaped the look and esprit of the golden twenties like no other, today offers the perfect backdrop for the unique pieces of the “Dazzling Dreams” collection. Virginie Henzen’s designs exude the elegance and beauty of this special era. All of the handmade wedding dresses preserve the craftsmanship of the Art Deco era: With their ornate beading and lace details, they are unique pieces of exceptional quality work.


Shimmering beads and iridescent tassels meet floral, geometric and Art Deco patterns. Stunning embroidery, elegant fringed hems and eye-catching back cutouts bring the 1920s to life. The theme of the bridal collection – dazzling dreams – is echoed in the richly embroidered gowns. In its aesthetic, TILDA KNOPF BRIDAL stays true to the golden twenties, but incorporates the modern zeitgeist with its slim-cut waists and silhouettes.
"The Bridal collection of Tilda Knopf is designed for time travellers, who have also left their heart in the jazzage."

Tilda Knopf Interview

How did you get into designing wedding dresses?

Already during my fashion journalism studies I was fascinated by the Golden 20s. When I then became more intensively involved with this era, I was so captivated that at some point I created evening dresses in the style of the 20s myself for my label Tilda Knopf. From there, it wasn’t far to the first designs for wedding dresses. These were created in the back room of my former 20s costume shop “Le Boudoir”.
I wanted to create dresses that are glamorous and elegant, but always have a certain lightness. So I often play with the tassels and necklines typical of this period. However, my focus is always on the back neckline. In fact, I find that one much more appealing. In addition, the embroidery elements are inspired by the geometric Art Deco design or the floral motifs of Art Nouveau.
We cooperate with a great manufactory in Delhi. Our manufacturing facility specializes in art deco embroidery. Sandeep, the Head-of-Design in India, has been with us since the beginning and has become a good friend. We have found a long-term partner in him, as he creates good working conditions and pays fair wages, and is committed to ensuring that the craft of embroidery is not lost. Our undergarments are all sewn in Berlin by our wonderful seamstress Caroline.
Fortunately, there is no such thing. We have very different brides. Some are getting married in a full 20s theme, others are just looking for a comfortable, timeless dress with a special touch.
No, my real name is Virginie. The name Tilda Knopf was created when I opened my 20s costume shop.
It is the combination of sophisticated elegance of the twenties and contemporary tailoring that makes the dresses so unique. But apparently, above all, it’s also the comfort (laughs). I often hear “Wow! But that dress is light and comfortable to wear…” It was actually also my approach to design comfortable dresses that you can move freely in all day and you don’t need three bridesmaids to go to the bathroom. They should also not be wrinkle prone. I almost have an aversion to wrinkles and I always cringe when I see wedding pictures where the bride has a wrinkled bottom. You could even take my collection folded together in your hand luggage.
My personal favorite is our model “Gertrude”. If my partner hadn’t already seen this dress, I would get married in it myself. I love each of the numerous details – and of course especially the back neckline.
Corsages, denim and hoop skirts.
We try to produce as sustainably as possible. Each dress is custom made, this way we avoid overstock. In addition, we also offer an “after-wedding service”, we can make a beautiful top or a shorter dress out of the wedding dress, so that it can be worn even after the wedding and does not simply become a dust collector. Often our brides re-order their undergarments in a different color, giving the dress a different look right away. We believe that there is no need for seasonal collections if you have a timeless design. Of course, we are constantly working on new models that are added, improved or replaced.
Above all, listen to her gut feeling. After all, she (and preferably the groom) should like the dress. As I can now say from experience, it is therefore also not necessarily advisable to take too many companions to the fitting. Also, I think it’s important to always keep an open mind when searching. We have many brides who leave our showroom with a dress they hadn’t thought of at all before.
After the difficult last few years for all of us, I wish above all to finally be able to ring in the new Golden Twenties in 2022, so that not only my brides can celebrate a lavish party (often after a long wait).

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