What should I bring to the fitting?

It is best you bring nude underwear and shoes which are in a similar height as the ones you are planing on wearing on your wedding.
Please try to wear as little make-up as possible, try to avoid lipstick at all. Do not wear taning creme on that day. Should you still be wearing make-up we will have make-up removal wipes at hand.

Can I also try on the dresses at home?

We can also come to your place if you want to try on our dresses in your own private ambiente. The limited amount of dresses fort he at home fitting is six. This service is free of charge in the area of Berlin. At all other places a travel charge and depending on the distance an accommodation cost will apply.

When can I pick up my dress?

Your dress will take about 3-5 month to be finished. As soon as your dress arrives, we will contact you and make a second appointment with you.