Help! Stains on the wedding dress

Interview with Octavia from the Bridal Taxi

A wedding dress usually does not survive the day without getting stains. In an interview with Octavia from the Bridal Taxi Berlin, you can find out how to clean them quickly on site and how the wedding dress is best stored afterwards.

When should the wedding dress be dry cleaned?

Ideally, you shouldn’t wait more than 4 weeks after the wedding. Stubborn dirt penetrates the fabric and is more difficult to remove.

What to do against raindrops on a silk dress?

Raindrops on a silk dress are not tragic, as we gently clean silk dresses by hand with water. Water marks typically only occur when the fabric comes into partial contact with water. That is why we always recommend a complete treatment of the dress. After a professional cleaning, however, they disappear.

Do you have an SOS tip for removing stains from the dress on the wedding day?

We always recommend brides to carry a special emergency stain remover in their clutch when they get married. The bottle is very small and hardly noticeable. With a special microfiber cloth and the appropriate cleaning solution, which is sprayed onto the fresh stain, minor mishaps disappear in no time at all.

Quick rescue against sweat stains on the dress?

Unfortunately, sweat stains cannot be treated quickly and can only be removed by professional cleaning with the appropriate stain remover. If you tend to sweat, you should opt for a temperature-regulating material, such as e.g. E.g. Choose silk or choose a cut that allows enough air to penetrate the skin.

It’s just champagne, you can’t see it, wash it out anyway?

Champagne is a wonderful way to toast the big day with loved ones. If something lands on the wedding dress in the heat of the moment, that’s no problem, because the stain is hardly visible. However, if cleaning is delayed after the wedding, the stain will become visible and darken over time. The sugar contained in champagne and sparkling wine sticks the fibers together and “caramelizes”, which leads to the typically unpleasant brown discolouration.

Do you have a favorite wedding dress story from your dresses?

A week ago we received a call. Our customer found his mother’s wedding dress while cleaning out the attic in his parents’ house. She married – heavily pregnant – in 1958 in a dream made of taffeta and organza tailored by her sister. When the dress reached us, it was in a sorry state. With a lot of care, expertise and attention to detail, we restored the wedding dress to its original condition in 4 cleaning cycles. Next Monday the bride will be celebrating her 90th birthday and will hopefully be overjoyed that we were able to save her dress. At least your son was when we returned the dress to him yesterday. He showed us a photo of his beautiful mother just before her marriage to her husband. The wedding dress business is always emotional, but rarely has a story touched us so much. :O)

What is the best way to store your wedding dress?

Please store it in a special wedding dress box (do not use normal boxes). Here your wedding dress is preserved according to the “museum method”, such as the wedding dresses of European princesses, which are to be preserved for posterity. The wedding dress is wrapped in acid-free, ph-neutral tissue paper.

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