Show act ideas for your wedding

A show act offers your guests a great highlight at your wedding. You can sit back and embark on a journey back in time to the golden twenties with the rest of the wedding party. Are you still looking for the right show act for your wedding? We’ve put together a list of our favorite artists.

Fun 1920’s Entertainment – Charleston Company

The Charleston Company is an ensemble of entertainers and show artists specializing in the theme of the 1920’s. In addition to shows, walk acts are also part of the presentations. Every single artist is an expert in his field. Tailor-made concepts guarantee an entertaining and enjoyable event.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

After their church wedding, a married couple celebrated in private with friends in the style of the 1920s under the motto “Great Gatsby”. Decoration, tables were tailored to the theme and the guests dressed accordingly. The service staff and food was also tailored to the theme. It was like traveling back in time 100 years. The show contributions (step, Charleston, singing) amused the guests as well as a stylish Charleston dance course, what a great pleasure! It was like before – unbelievable. And the wedding couple was overjoyed.

What do you love most about the 20’s?

The golden 20s radiated a unique lightness, pure entertainment and joie de vivre. People shrugged off the dark ages and celebrated life. In the dance theaters, orchestras played rousing music and people expressed their freedom in exuberant dances. Even the 1920s music alone moved people to get up and dance along. When the Charleston and tap dance are then presented, there is no stopping them. The metal plates on the shoes are glowing and nobody can sit still during the Charleston dances and songs. We love this real joy and bring it to events with our shows.

Further information:
Instagram: @charleston_company

Elli Fatale – Photo Credit: Elli Fatale

Glitter everywhere – glitter empire Elli Fatale

My name is Elli Fatale and I am a trained fashion seamstress. I’ve been building my glitter empire for over 15 years and can proudly claim to have turned my hobby into my job. As a personal stylist, costume designer, glitter make-up artist, decorator, event planning & conception as well as booking for burlesque & artists, I enchant my customers worldwide. With my partner I founded the legendary burlesque bar, Prinzipal Kreuzberg, in 2013 and will open my own showroom in 2022 – for the rental of my glittering, exciting costumes and of course also for sale.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

The best wedding memory for me was a few years ago, good friends of mine celebrated a German-Hungarian wedding at a famous castle. For the celebration, everyone was allowed to style themselves according to tradition. From Bavarian costumes to Turkish or African folk costumes, everything was there. The mix was very impressive for me. We spent an incredible weekend and even extended a few days because of the enchantment of the people and the location

What do you love most about the 20’s?

It’s not that we’ve forgotten the art of partying, but the 1920s are still a model for sophisticated entertainment and dancing! The Prinzipal Kreuzberg is also furnished by me with great attention to detail – based on earlier salons. The most beautiful burlesque shows are shown there on the stage and my swing girls (walking acts) are sitting on a swing, and they will later seduce the guests with little gifts with an illuminated, hand-made vendor’s tray. The whole concept is a big inspiration for me from the 1920s, so they mean a lot to me. The fashion from the twenties was exciting and glamorous and therefore a model for my creations.

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Instagram: @ellifatale

Project PQ – Photo Credit: Project PQ

Magic Fire Show – Project PQ

We offer extraordinary shows and impressive choreographies of fire, light and dance. Our artists are absolute professionals and have been on many big stages in and outside of Germany. Whether walking acts, fire show or LED show – with us you get spectacular entertainment.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

The most beautiful applause and the dearest bridal couples. We have so many great bridal couples who have booked us so far. A maximum of 30 guests were invited to a wedding, but the applause after the show and the interim applause was so big and full of energy that we felt like we were performing at a huge party.

We are often invited to dinner and given a warm welcome. Unfortunately, we have little time on site because we have to prepare the show and then dismantle it again. The preparation of our wedding fire show takes at least two hours and after the fire show we need another hour to clean up. I am still in contact with some couples and I have a few thank you cards in my office. I am particularly pleased that we still get feedback after the weddings or get support via Facebook and Instagram.

What do you love most about the 20’s?

That is much. Especially the style of the 1920s with the great flapper dresses. The incredible female icons of the 20’s like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Amelia Earhart and many more. And as dancers we love the dance styles of the 1920s like the Lindy Hop, the Charleston and the Shimmy. And the great Ziegfeld Follies revue show. The 20’s had their own flair and produced very strong female personalities that I still admire to this day.

Further information:
Instagram: @projectpq

Alexander Treville – Photo Credit: Johanna Voigt

Magic Show – Alexander Treville

Please don’t expect the rabbit in the hat, the bouquet of flowers in the sleeve or sawed-up maidens…. With Alexander Treville’s magic show, you bring magic into the hands of your guests. Experience how things transform in your hands or vanish into thin air before your eyes – be amazed! One is so seldom amazed. Dedicate your guests the perfect mix of excitement, smiling faces and memorable moments.

As a walking act, I move among the guests and offer each individual and group an interactive, individually tailored show. My tricks are of the highest level and are based on 21 years of professional magic and experience. Meanwhile, your event can continue undeterred.

What makes magic special for you?

In my opinion, the special thing about magic at an event is the rare emotions it evokes. Be amazed, deceived, amazed and surprised. People bring their full focus, experience the impossible under these circumstances and just can’t believe it. They are shocked and usually show one of the reactions listed above. Interesting, however, for me, is the emotion that follows: They laugh… they are happy about the tricks that their perception can play on them and laugh at the same time, pondering, at the same time shaking their heads, the explanation seeks magic connects and unites people in the riddle. It is quite simply rare, special and multi-faceted.

What do you love most about the 20’s?

The presence and urgency of charm and elegance. The almost innocent version of humor that prevailed at the time, and most importantly the color my imagination paints all these images with.

Further information:
Instagram: @ Magician.Alexander.Treville

Mister He – Photo Credit: Karin Flesner

Musical journey through time – Mister He

In my show program, guests can experience my versatility up close and live. I present them with charm, top hat and my versatile voice. An entertaining show revue with pantomime, slapstick, comedy and parodies awaits you. My wonderful “music box with pitfalls” promises a lot of fun. I effortlessly slip into different roles, show sports in slow motion and act out fantastically with floating balloons. Guests are cordially invited to sing along on my musical journey through time.

What is your favorite wedding memory?

The wedding cake was ready and since the bridal couple was busy, I cut the cake and presented the guests with the pieces of cake in slow motion. Everyone was excited.

What do you love most about the 20’s?

I like the 20s so much because I love to dress up with a tailcoat and top hat.

Further information:
Instagram: @ the_artist_mister_he

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